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Moorlands Nursery School has dedicated spaces for our 3-4 year olds as well as dedicated spaces for our 2s Nursery.

2s Nursery

We also have provision for 2 year olds who are eligible for the 'Time for Twos' funding and also support the new government scheme to offer 2 year old places of eligible working parents. 

You can check if you are eligible by following these links:

'Time for Twos' funding:

Working parents funding:

You can apply for a place for your child as soon as they have had their second birthday.  

The free childcare place runs for three terms until your child moves in to their free early education place the term after their third birthday. All children will automatically transfer into the main, 3-4 year old Nursery, usually in the term of their third  birthday.

 If you are interested in looking around the Nursery School or registering your child please contact us or call in to discuss availability. We are registering children from 12 months old. 

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