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Welcome to Moorlands Nursery School

Moorlands Nursery is local authority maintained school located at the heart of a vibrant community.
We offer a unique holistic experience sharing the building with the Family Centre, which provides a range of support services for our families and community to access.

Our unique site alongside Moorlands Family Centre enables the use of the community hall for activities such as 'Soft Play', singing and dance, the Sensory Room, large outdoor spaces and gardens, as well as opportunities to work collaboratively with Centre staff on training and support for parents.

We pride ourselves on delivering a high-quality educational nursery provision, putting the children at the heart of everything we do.
As a nursery school, we are different because we employ qualified teachers and a headteacher to ensure we provide

a strong sta
rt to Early Education delivered by a highly motivated and skillful staff team of Early Years experts.
We support children's development from each individual's starting point so they are confident and curious learners.

This is achieved through expertly planned learning opportunities, positive adult interactions and a nurturing environment 
where all children have equal opportunities to discover, learn and grow.

We believe that working closely with parents/carers provides the foundations for children's success.
All families have the opportunity to visit our nursery.
We offer home visits to all new starters so our staff get to know children and their families,
discovering their interests and what they may need support with to foster relationship-building and a positive start.

All children are assigned to a Key Person who will get to know them well and this supports children's development and provides a strong relationship with parents, enhancing the collaboration between home and nursery.

With a commitment to wellbeing, positive behaviour and ensuring engagement levels are high,
the children at Moorlands Nursery School thrive.


"Staff understand how young children learn best." Ofsted (2024)

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