We pride ourselves on quality educational nursery provision, delivered by highly motivated staff. This is achieved through a range of carefully planned learning opportunities and as a result the children at Moorlands Nursery School thrive. The wellbeing and involvement levels are high and the behaviour of the children is exemplary.


We work closely with parents and carers and believe that this is the foundation for our children's success. There are opportunities for children to visit prior to starting Nursery. The staff also visit the children at home so they can really get to know the families. We find out how the children learn, what interests them and what they may need support with. The children have a Key Person who will get to know them well and this relationship helps to support their development.

All the staff understand how difficult it can be for parents when their child starts Nursery. It may be the first time that you have been separated from your child. This is why the relationship between staff and parents is important as it helps to build confidence.


Each session lasts for 3 hours (8.30-11.30 or 12.30-3.30) 5 days a week. This makes up your child's free 15 hour entitlement. Depending on when children are born, they will attend Nursery for 3, 4 or  5 terms.





We also have provision for 2 year olds who are eligible for the 2 year old funding.


Due to the fact that we share a building with Moorlands Family Centre we benefit from many shared opportunities such as the use of the community hall for activities such as 'Mini Strikers', sharing the outside garden space and the chance to work together with staff from the centre on training and support for parents.


To find out more about our daily routine see our Nursery Prospectus




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